Today I read Ester 1-3

The Book of Ester starts out by setting the stage of the fall of Vashti the Queen. It starts out with, In the Days of Ahasuerus who reigned from India to Ethiopia he gave a feast for all his officials. THe army of Persia and Media and the Nobles and Governors were there. He showed his riches, I mean he flaunted his riches and pomp and greatness for 180 days, thats 6 months of him giving a feast and showing his stuff to people. Can you imagine going to a party for 180 days? Then the King after 180 days the King gave all the people that were there a citadel  and another feast lasting seven days. And they drank a lot of wine, wine in golden cups. And queen Vshti did the same for the women of the palace.

On the seventh day when the king was drunk with wine he commanded seven men to bring Queen Vashti before him with her royal crown. He wanted to show her off too. But Queen Vashti refused. And that set the King off, can you imagine what it would’ve been like to be in that kings presence. I used to have a boss that acted like this guy. Smh. Then the king made a spectacle about how Vashti disrespected The king and the entire kingdom. Then he took away her power and told her she is no longer allowed to come into the presence of the King. Then by the advice of his council, he signed a decree stating that all women should honor their husbands. So queen Vashti became an example to all women to respect their husbands.

Next, the young men who attended to the King said, “let beautiful young virgins be sought out for the King.” In short, they were looking for a new queen. Now a jew named Mordecai who was carried out of Jerusalem among other captives. He was taking care of his cousin named Ester, she had no mother and father. And the Bible points out that she was drop dead knock out gorgeous. They heard of the Kings order that many young beautiful virgins were being gathered to the Citadel in Susa, Ester was gathered as well. All women were put under charge of Hegai. And Hegai was pleased by Ester, so he gave her cosmetics and placed her in front of the line to be chosen by the king. Now Ester didn’t reveal that she was a jew because she was given instruction by the Mordecai her much older cousin.

Now was the time for the young women to go into the presence of the King. It’s been 12 months since she’s been taken into the Citadel, It took that long to beautify the women. Wow! When they were about to go in the presence of the King, the women were each allowed to take with her anything she desired from the first harem to the kings palace. They would stay in the palace over night and in the morning return to their quarters. And that was it, she wouldn’t see the King again unless the King requested to see her again by name. When it was time for Ester to take what she wanted from the Harem, she asked Hegai what does he think the king will like? She took his advice and entered the kings presence. And He was totally into her. In the next sentence of the text, The King made Ester Queen and threw another feast. There is one thing for sure, this king loves his feasts.

The next part of the text, Mordicai over heard two eunuchs plotting to over throw the king. He told Ester, and she told the king. The king investigated found the two eunuchs to be guilty. They were hanged. After this event The king promoted Haman to be above all officials. and everyone bowed done and paid homage to Haman. But Mordecai didn’t bow. And the Kings servants asked, why Mordecai disobeyed the king’s command. But Mordecai was a jew and he bowed to no man except God. And when Haman found out, he was full of fury against Mordecai. So, as a result Haman sought to kill all of the Jews. This guy had a big ego.

Some time later Hamen approached the King and told him “there are people in your Kingdom who’s laws are different. If It pleases the King Let me kill them all” The King agreed and Decrees were made and posted to all the provinces 127 With instructions to kill all jews in on December 13th.

Whoa, how are you going to write a decree to kill all jews on a certain date. I would say it’s crazy except, in recent history we had a similar man try to do the same. So what’s the take away? This is and exciting story, no takeaway. I’ve read this story before but I still can’t wait to see what happens next.

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