Today I read Ester 4-6

Chapter 4 starts out with Mordecai finding out about the decree to kill all jews on December 13th. Mordecai expressed grief by tearing his clothes and putting on sackcloth and ashes.

And every province the decree from the King reached, was a great mourning and fasting among the Jews.

At this time Mordecai was at the gate of the citadel, He wasn’t aloud to enter with sackcloth. Ester learned of Mordecai in sackcloth and she sent him clothing to wear instead so that he could enter the kings gates but he refused. She then sent one of her appointed eunuchs to learn why he was grieving. Mordecai told the eunuch what had happened, about the decree and about the sum of money payed for the destruction of the jews. Mordecai gave a copy of the written decree to show to Ester. He wanted the eunuch to send a message that Mordecai was commanding Ester to speak with the King and beg for his favor and plead with him. She then sent word back that there is a law, If any man or woman goes into the Kings inner court without permission the outcome is being put to death. Except if the King hold out his golden scepter.

The message was sent to Ester through the eunuch. Side Note: Wow! can you imagine? back and forth, what if the eunuch got the message wrong? have you ever play the game telephone? Okay, back to the story: So Mordecai replied, don’t think you will escape the doomed decree. If you stay silent, everyone will perish, and who knows, maybe you became queen for such a time as this. Then she tells Mordecai through the eunuch to gather all jews in Susa and fast and pray for 3 days, and she did the same along with her servants. She ended her message with, I will go into the Kings inner courts, and if I perish, I perish.

On the third day Ester put on her royal robes and stood in the inner court of the King’s palace where the King was. And when the King saw Ester she won favor in his sight and he held out the golden scepter. He said, What is your request? I will be given you even to half of my kingdom. Ester replied by inviting the King and Haman to dinner. So the king sent for Haman and they went to the feast Ester had prepared. After the feast the King asked Ester, What is your wish? And she replied, Come to another feast I prepared tomorrow night. I’m guessing because she’s a little hesitant to call out the Kings number 2.

After the feast Haman left happy with his belly full, he exited the Kings gate and everyone who came in the presence of Human bowed except for Mordecai who was still dressed in sailcloth and ashes. and it rekindled Hamans fury against Mordecai. So Haman goes home and calls a few of his close friends. He talked to them about how great he himself was, so great that the King promoted him above every official. But it is all worth nothing as long as he keeps seeing Mordecai sitting at the Kings gate. Then one of Haman friends said, Lets build a gallon to have him hanged. Haman liked the idea and sent for the gallows to be made.

That Night the King couldn’t sleep, so he called for a book of Chronicles of memorable deeds to be read to him. And he found a record of a man named Mordecai who warned the king about a plot against the King. Then the king asked “what have we done for Mordecai? Anything to honor him?” his servants responded “nothing has been done” Then the king asked “who’s in the court?” Haman was outside the kings courts because he was wanting to speak to the king about hanging Mordecai on the gallows that he had just built in the court.

The King sent for Haman, and asked “What should be done for a man who the king wants to honor?” Haman thought the king was talking about him, so Haman responded “Put on the man you want to honor, your personal royal robes, your personal horse, your crown, and have the kings most noble official parade him around proclaiming, This man is honored by the King” Then the King responded “Hurry, do exactly as you said and go get Mordecai” And since Haman was the kings most Nobel official he had to parade Mordecai around the city. And so he did.

After, Hamn wen home and cried. and he told his wife and friends and they had nothing to tell him other than “woah, (paraphrasing of corse) If you don’t do something soon, you’re going to be the one hanged in the gallows.

And that was Ester 4-6. My take away? To never love life to a point you’re not willing to have courage. And I loved the part where the King couldn’t sleep. It was perfect, the bible doesn’t say it but you can see Gods hand in not allowing the king to sleep and it leading the king to learn about Mordecai’s deed. This is a great story, I cant wait to see what happens next.

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