Today I read Job chapter 7-9


Chapter 7 continues with job still crying to God. Asking why. He points out that he goes about his days waiting for night and tosses all night waiting for day. His skin hardens then breaks open. And at the end of each day he has no hope. He complains that he will never see good again and no one will look on him and see anything anymore. When he says that his bed will comfort him, then he has nightmares. He loathes his life. Then he cries out to God “What is man that you make so much of him? Visit him every morning and test him?” He asks God, why he’s become a burden on him.

And then Job’s friend Bildad the Shuhite responds:

How long will you say these things, does God pervert justice? If your children (who just died) have sinned against God, then they got what they deserved. And if you are righteous then God will restore you. Just ask God, inquire of him. Think about it our life is short. Can a reed flourish where there is no water? The same is for the path of those that forget God. Think about it, God will not reject a blameless man.

So Job heard this and responded:

I know what you’re saying is true, God is just and he will bless those who live righteously. I know how great and mighty God is. He has total authority over everything. What I’m saying is that He’s here but I don’t see him, I’m disconnected from him. Who can say “what are you doing? God will do what he wills. Though I am in the right I can not answer him. I can only appeal for mercy. If I asked him to stop, he won’t listen. He’s crushed me, he won’t let me breath and fills me with bitterness. Though I am blameless he will prove me perverse. I loath my life.

Then job concludes Chapter 9 with an epic rant.

My day’s are swift, I”m vulnerable, I can’t say that I’ll forget an be merry because the night brings fear and suffering. I shall be condemned.

Wow, Job is very descriptive of how he feels. He’s truly I the dumps. And we will continue with Job 10-12 tomorrow.

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