Today I read Proverbs 7&8

Today I read Proverbs 7 & 8

Proverbs 7 talks about a warning about lust. It starts out as a father to a son to treasure wisdom, seek it and keep it close. Wisdom is something to be obtained, something intimate and close. Then the warning comes about the adulteress woman.

Vs 7 I have seen through my Lattice (curtain). in the middle of the night a young man who lacks wisdom. A woman meets this young man dressed as a prostitute. She is wild and she waits to entice. She invites the young man over to her house and to lay down on their couch, Now we know what they’re talking about doing. And then she reveals that her husband wasn’t home. And that she wants the young man to come over and stay all night.

Vs 21 explains that she was able to persuade the young man. He followers her as an ox goes to the slaughter. What he doesn’t know is that by allowing himself to be enticed, his actions will cost him his life.

Vs. 24 goes on with a warning from the Father in the beginning of the proverb. Listen and be attentive. Don’t stray and turn away because she has many victims.

Chapter 8 goes on to point out the blessings of Wisdom. Vs 5 Learn Prudence, Learn Sense. Vs 12 I, wisdom dwell with prudence and I find knowledge and discretion. The next vs, 13 gives a recipe for discretion: The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil and perverted speech. Then the next vs follows with having counsel and sound wisdom, insight, and strength.

To find wisdom accordion to vs 17 is to diligently seek wisdom and it will be found. The value of wisdom? Better than fine gold.

Next, in vs 22, where does wisdom come from? The Lord. Then the next set of verses paints a poetic picture about wisdom being here from the beginning of the earth. Wisdom has always been here.

Vs. 32 concludes with: “Listen to me: You’re blessed if you embrace wisdom.

This is a great study about wisdom because practical steps are given on how to obtain wisdom.

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